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Software Systems

Giving wings to your
software systems!

New and Customized Software Systems

We have specialised programmers and software architects that can help you with the formulation and completion of your software requirements and needs. Our expertise of providing a software system specific to your company.

Premium SMS and USD

There are currently more cell phones in South Africa as the amount of people that is living here. Effective cell phone marketing systems are a great way to enhance your company’s marketing and follow-up portfolio. Our premium SMS service, provides ample opportunity for brand recognition as well as a primary or secondary channel of income.

Basic Online Accounting System (Small Business)

We provide a software platform for any small business that has a need for an accounting system:

Some of the Features:

  • Quick and nice looking invoices without having to set up to much. Install the software, enter a biller, a customer and go nuts creating invoices!
  • Export to PDF.
  • Email PDF to client via Simple Invoices.
  • Export to Microsoft Word, Excel or plain text.
  • Multiple invoice types
    • Total invoices
    • Itemised invoices
  • Invoice templates - Be able to select (or create) different layouts for your invoices.
  • Invoice preferences - Enables you to define and customise all the wordings on the invoices.

Online E-training System

Should you need to have a system for your own employees or need to have an online training platform for students, we provide an affordable option:

Some of the Features:

  • Content management
  • Assessments
  • Projects
  • Scheduling
  • Glossary
  • File library
  • Scorm 1.2
  • Internal mails
  • Forums
  • Chat
  • Calendar
  • Collaborative content comments
  • User reports
  • Lesson reports
  • Course reports
  • System reports
  • Test reports